A strategic change in our ICO Strategy

1 min readOct 20, 2018

After our last board meeting, the decision was made that Crypto Circle X (CCX) will make a strategic change in the direction of our ICO marketing strategy. Therefore, we will be extending the Pre-ICO project time for 30 days starting September 17th.

We will ensure that our ICO will reach its full potential and our cryptocurrency exchange will be around for many years to come. During this time, we have decided to extend the Pre-ICO period to focus on increasing the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand awareness by furthering our social media presence. We will be focusing on the following areas: Reddit, Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. While we are doing this, it will be business as usual and all aspects will continue as normal.

We have been actively looking to increase the number of partnerships, Public and Private, and will be continuing to do the same, moving forward. Also, we will be pitching the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand to prospective venture capitalists and private investors to increase our capital for investment back into the ICO project.

Crypto Circle X (CCX) will begin hosting AMA’s written and video sessions, on many different platforms, twitter, medium, youtube, and other social media forums, where our team will be answering any and all your questions regarding the Crypto Circle Exchange and CCX project.