Accounting Blockchain Tokens (TAB) Airdrop and Bounty

1 min readOct 23, 2018

Following the overwhelming article bounty hunting, the remaining 500,000 Accounting Blockchain Tokens (TAB) reserved for the Blog/Writeup/Publishing will be allocated equally to the most creative writters and bloggers. The community will be the judge. In order to participate, you are kindly requested to submit your article link, and if the article/blog realistically depicts Accounting Blockchain products and ICO, it will be tweeted by the Official Accounting Blockchain Twitter account and the top 10 articles with most retweets at end of public token offering, will earn the bounty tokens (50,000 tokens each).The selected articles will be announced at the end of the ICO.

Please put in the link for your article here, and send us an e-mail on

Don’t forget, using the affiliate id will help you and and your followers each gain 5% bonus on the amount acquired (win win for both). You will also gain from the number of clicks and registered users that come from your referral id.